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We are the Infinity group of companies, operating in the international market, providing added value to our customers - importers, exporters and agro-industrial operators through time-tested permanent relationships. We provide preferential information to facilitate strategic sales contracts. We are a multicultural team that meets the needs of each client with enthusiasm and dexterity.

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We are the Infinity group of companies located in Bucharest, Romania, dealing with the distribution of raw materials in the national and international markets, specializing in cereal, feed and vegetable oils. We operate worldwide providing solutions and services for agricultural markets.
We are leaders in our range of services, creating great opportunities for the markets of grains and cereals with which we work.
The company is one of the world leaders in mediation in the production of durum wheat. We offer first-class contacts in the world


The cost of our services is lower than that of our competitors

Payment for our services, after receiving money for the goods

We have already built warm relations with many enterprises


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